Sources for my recipes

The vast majority of my recipes are adaptations of meals which, in their traditional state, are unsuitable for people on a benzoate & cinnamate-free diet.

In the rare case where I find a recipe on another website which is completely benzoate-free and safe, I will post the link to that site.

Many of my recipes are completely my own invention.

Occasionally, I will adapt a recipe from one of the following cook books:

Mrs Beaton’s Cookery Book, an old version published by Ward-Lock in the 1940’s or 1950’s (there’s no date in the book & I can’t find it online – it was previously the property of my grandmother).

We’ll eat again, a collection of recipes from the war years selected by Margurite Patten OBE (

Abbey Cottage Home & Hearty cookbook (


No attempt or intention to plagarise or break copyright is in any way intended.  If any author or publisher requests credit for one of my adapted recipes, please just message me and I’ll happily include them, as long as it is clear that the recipe in the format I’ve published it is a direct lift from their version of the same.


Note that this does not mean I’ll include random adverts – WordPress does a good enough job of putting advertisements on my pages as it is!

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