Guys OFG diet sheet

The ‘official’ diet advice sheet for OFG sufferers from Guys Hospital London can be seen here:

Guy’s OFG diet sheet Oct 2012

7 Responses to Guys OFG diet sheet

  1. Julie Smith says:

    Just found out i am benzoate intolerant and just trying to gather as much information from different sources. I can not find anywhere a makeup brand that is benzoate’s safe. Do you know of any? Just eating plain foods at the minute to get on top of it. Would appreciate some advice.

    • Tiger says:

      sorry, I don’t know of any make up brands that are safe. Maybe try one of the larger chemists or department stores and get one of the sales assistants to help you read the labels on the products you use? Other than that, go eu-naturelle for a while to let your face heal, then re-try your usual stuff.

    • I have terrible benzoates sensitivity, especially on my face. After patch testing my dermatologist approved bare minerals powder matte foundation. I’ve had no reaction and been using it for a year!! But not all bare minerals foundations are okay for us, apparently just that one. I’m okay with urban decay glide on eyeliner and tarts lip gloss. I won’t touch any other makeup because of the benzoates risk. Good luck!

      • Tiger says:

        Thanks for the advice about benzoate-free makeup. I’m sure other makeup wearers on my page will greatly appreciate it! Could you possibly identify stockists of these products? E.g. can you buy them at Boots or Superdrug or the supermarkets, or do you need to order them online?

  2. Tiger says:

    to be honest it depends what is being cooked/offered. Sometimes its safer to explain the whole diet or ask for something plain in advance rather than just turning up hoping something will be okay

  3. Tiger says:

    asparagus is usually fine

  4. Ann Eccleston says:

    Liz Earle at John Lewis products are very good skin repair moisturiser no benzoate and the super lip balm is great they have a help line that tells you the ingredients of her products hope this is helpful information

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