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Air freight petition

Air freight petition Please please will readers consider signing and sharing my petition. People might ask me – why air freight? Air freight is used for so many products. And the amount of air freight varies depending on the … Continue reading

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Chilli Apple Jam

A delicious alternative to chilli sauce.  Vary the variety of fresh chillies used to alter the heat of the jam. Makes about 2 jars. You will need to get 2-3 small jars with lids, and some waxed paper discs, ready … Continue reading

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Broad bean and feta salad

Inspired by fresh garden produce, this is a delicious early summer salad. Serves 1 100g podded broad beans 40g dry home-made bread (slightly stale), cubed 40ml extra virgin olive oil salt & pepper 2 tsp white wine vinegar 1 small … Continue reading

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Scottish Tablet

A delicious, easy to make sweet that is safe for anyone on the C&B-free diet unless you also react to dairy. makes about 1 1/2kg of tablet. If made well and properly hard, it should store in a sealed container … Continue reading

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Elderflower Cordial

This recipe is adapted from an old Mrs Beatons book. I cannot take credit for the original. Suggested alterations are, however, all mine. This is not suitable for anyone who reacts to citric acid or who cannot tolerate at least … Continue reading

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Veggie burgers

These are low calorie and would work for anyone attempting to lose weight.  They could also be adapted for someone following the Fodmap diet. makes around 6 burgers 180g mixed cooked safe green vegetables 140g grated carrot 30g dry weight … Continue reading

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A couple of readers have recently asked me about eating oranges, so it seemed prudent to explain a few things.   Oranges are in that frustrating group of foods which are fine for some people and are strong reactors for … Continue reading

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