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Spiced Runner bean chutney

I’ve not tasted this yet because I only made it yesterday and it needs to mature for a month, but it smells amazing and was a lot of fun to prepare! Ingredients 400g runner beans, cleaned, de-stringed and sliced finely … Continue reading

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Tomato Chutney

I know, it’s strange having a tomato recipe on a site dedicated to meals that don’t involve tomatoes, but I’ve discovered this summer that problems largely arise with processed and red tomatoes, but fresh, under-ripe (green) fruits straight from the … Continue reading

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Apple sauce

A must with roast pork, and pretty nice as a desert too, commercial apple sauce is safe for some people but brands often contain sorbate preservatives, and sometimes have flavourings or thickeners too.  This is a simple recipe to make a home-made … Continue reading

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Parsley sauce

A must-have with fish (though obviously not cod!) Some of the shop-bought ones have ‘spices’ on the label, or have soya in, or are full of E-numbers, and of course for those people who are dairy-intolerant the commercial ones are … Continue reading

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Soy sauce

In the spirit of developing Eastern recipes, the first and most essential ingredient has to be soy sauce. Obviously we cannot have the ‘real’ thing but here is a soya-free alternative. 250ml good vegetable stock (see earlier recipe) 1 tablespoon … Continue reading

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Salad dressings

I’ve been asked about salad dressings, so the following is taken from the BBC food website, giving advice about making your own dressings: “All salad dressings are a combination of oil and vinegar, balanced to add richness and sharpness in … Continue reading

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Sticky barbeque marinade sauce

After much thought and some trial and error I have *finally* managed to ‘almost’ replicate my mum’s sticky barbeque marinade, which is the sauce she uses to cook pork ribs in. It’s not strictly true to her recipe – she … Continue reading

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