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Chilli Apple Jam

A delicious alternative to chilli sauce.  Vary the variety of fresh chillies used to alter the heat of the jam. Makes about 2 jars. You will need to get 2-3 small jars with lids, and some waxed paper discs, ready … Continue reading

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Spiced Runner bean chutney

I’ve not tasted this yet because I only made it yesterday and it needs to mature for a month, but it smells amazing and was a lot of fun to prepare! Ingredients 400g runner beans, cleaned, de-stringed and sliced finely … Continue reading

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Mixed Citrus Marmalade

Readers should note that marmalade, like any preserve, is not suitable for people who are intolerant to citric acid, not just because citrus fruit is an integral part of marmalade but also because citric acid is essential in making jams, … Continue reading

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Ginger Marmalade

A delicious, if slightly firey, marmalade, which unlike any I’ve tried before, I can eat!  I don’t know if it’s the commercial processing, the ingredients or the length of storage but this marmalade doesn’t make me react like every shop-bought … Continue reading

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Rhubarb (and Angelica) Jam

I have had a problem with jams and marmalades for years – even those made with apparently all-safe ingredients have made me react in the past.  But not this one!  I have finally found one that my mouth seems to … Continue reading

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