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Breakfast rice

If you are in need of an easily digestible breakfast, rice, made into rice pudding could be the answer.  Its great by itself and can be livened up in many ways to add interest to breakfast times. It is usual … Continue reading

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Mixed Citrus Marmalade

Readers should note that marmalade, like any preserve, is not suitable for people who are intolerant to citric acid, not just because citrus fruit is an integral part of marmalade but also because citric acid is essential in making jams, … Continue reading

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Ginger Marmalade

A delicious, if slightly firey, marmalade, which unlike any I’ve tried before, I can eat!  I don’t know if it’s the commercial processing, the ingredients or the length of storage but this marmalade doesn’t make me react like every shop-bought … Continue reading

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Inspired by a comment from a friend, and due to boredom with my current breakfast choices, I’ve made myself some muesli.  It’s virtually impossible to buy commercial muesli as they all seem to have fruit in – even the so-called ‘nutty’ … Continue reading

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