Creamy leek, ham and potato bake

Warming and delicious on an autumn evening!  Serves 2-3

2 large potatoes

2 leeks

80-100g cooked ham or bacon

250ml carton single cream or dairy-free/lactose free equivalent

200ml hot stock – ham is best, but chicken or vegetable would work, depending on personal sensivity and availability of safe pots or cartons or what you have made yourself at home.

salt and pepper.

  1. clean vegetables and trim off roots and any outer leaves from leeks. Do not peel potatoes, just wash well. Slice into rings approx 1/2cm thick
  2. dice ham or bacon into small cubes
  3. mix the ham, leeks, and half the potato together and place in an oven proof dish. Arrange remaining potato over the top.
  4. Mix cream and stock in a jug and pour over vegetables and ham. It should come about 3/4 up the dish but won’t cover the top layer of potatoes at this stage (the vegetables will sink into the stock as they cook). If you feel there is not enough, add a drop of boiling water.
  5. sprinkle the top with salt and plenty of pepper and bake uncovered in a warm oven, for about 45 minutes. Twice during cooking, lift dish out and press top potato layer down so that it gets covered in the creamy stock.
  6. It is ready to serve when the cream has formed a golden, bubbling crust over the potatoes, and the potato slices are soft.

variations –

make it vegetarian by omiting the ham and using vegetable stock, or vegan by also using oat, almond or coconut cream alternative.

Spice it up by adding chilli flakes to the stock/cream mix.

Sprinkle grated cheese on the top for a gooier, richer tasting dish.

Make it go further by serving alongside steamed vegetables and chunks of warm, crusty bread.


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