Shortbread Apple Flapjacks

A 3-layer traybake created to take advantage of the new season apples. Use freshly picked apples if possible.

I used a 22cm x 22cm cake tin, which yielded 16 pieces of shortbread.

Note all measurements and cooking times are approximate.

Shortbread base:

60g caster or granulated sugar

120g Pure or Flora dairy free spread or unsalted butter

180g plain flour

  1. Mix all ingredients together with hands, kneading lightly until it comes together like pastry. You may have to add a tablespoon of water but don’t do so unless the mixture refuses to combine.
  2. Press into prepared cake tin and leave to one side

Apple layer:

Fresh apples sufficient to make approximately a 2cm layer of prepared slices in your tin – desert (eating) apples or cooking apples can be used. Apples which are home-grown and imperfect e.g. that have some beak marks from birds can also be used.

1-4 tbsp sugar or honey depending on sweetness of apples

1. Prepare apples – peel if desired/required, or leave peel on if preferred – this recipe is not affected either way. Remove cores, stalks and any parts that are soiled or that have significant damage

2. Chop and slice apples into pieces approx 1/2 to 1cm thickness. Arrange in a rough layer on top of shortbread base approx 2cm thick, and spoon honey or sugar over as required.

Flapjack top:

120g butter or dairy free spread (as above)

60g-100g dark brown or muscovado sugar as desired – for a softer, more buttery top, use less. For a crunchy, more caramelised top, use more

200g porridge oats

2 tbsp wholemeal flour

2 tbsp ground almonds

  1. Melt butter/spread and sugar in a pan. At the same time, combine dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. When spread/butter and sugar are melted, pour over dry ingredients and mix well.
  3. Sprinkle buttery oat mix evenly over apples in tin

Bake in the centre of a medium oven for 25 minutes or until the top is browned. Turn your oven off and leave tin in warm oven to cool for at least an hour (this works best in an electric oven. For other heat sources, you may have to bake the dish on a lower heat for longer).

Remove from oven, remove from tin, and carefully cut into pieces. Can be eaten warm or cold.

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