Breakfast rice

If you are in need of an easily digestible breakfast, rice, made into rice pudding could be the answer.  Its great by itself and can be livened up in many ways to add interest to breakfast times.

It is usual to make rice pudding using short grain, pudding or risotto rice but this is not essential – the cheap, 40p-a-bag basics range long grain rice works just as well, as long as you keep stirring whilst it cooks.

Note my ‘cup’ measure is a standard drinking mug.

Makes 3-4 portions.


1 mug of rice (see note above regarding variety)

2 ½ mugs of rice milk

2 tsp honey

Approx 2-3 more mugs liquid – rice milk or water or a combination

Toppings or flavourings as required (see below)


1. Add the rice, first 2 ½ cups of rice milk, and honey to a medium sized saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring constantly.

2. When it boils, reduce to a simmer and keep stirring.

3. About 5-10 minutes later depending on your stove, it will become obvious that the first lot of milk is rapidly being absorbed or evaporated. Start adding extra liquid, a small drop at a time, stirring constantly.

4. Rice pudding needs to have very soft, fluffy rice sat in a creamy liquid. Keep adding liquid and stirring until you achieve your desired consistency. This can take around 40 minutes of cooking time.

This can be eaten freshly made or stored in a sealed container in the fridge. If you plan on reheating it the next day, ensure it is piping hot throughout.

To serve, try one of the following:

Day 1 – as it comes, hot, with extra sugar to adjust sweetness

Day 2 – hot or cold with half a banana, sliced, a chopped up pineapple ring and some coconut flakes

Day 3 – cold with coconut yoghurt, oatly cream or another cream or yoghurt you like stirred through it

Day 4 – hot with a couple of small chunks of crystalised ginger, finely shredded, a pinch of dried ginger and a sprinkle of fresh lemon rind

Day 5 – hot or cold with a teaspoon of dark brown sugar and 6-8 caramac buttons

Day 6 – hot or cold with a teaspoon each of sugar and carob powder stirred in well.

Day 7 – cold with either fresh or cold, pre-stewed apples or pears




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