A couple of readers have recently asked me about eating oranges, so it seemed prudent to explain a few things.


Oranges are in that frustrating group of foods which are fine for some people and are strong reactors for others.


There are 4 different fruits I’m going to mention in the orange family – clementines (also sold as easy peelers), satsumas, navel oranges (sometimes sold as jaffa oranges or extra large oranges) and mandarin oranges (this is the type of orange you get in tins).


Some people can eat them all with no problems. This seems to be the most common group among my readers.


Some people can eat some of these, but not others. I am in this group, being able to eat navel oranges and satsumas with no problems.  I’m not sure about clementines because I have alternatives that I prefer, and I react very badly to mandarins.


If you can use one type of orange but not others, they can all be substituted for each other in cooking. As a rule of thumb, when juiced and the rind grated, 1 navel orange = 2 mandarin oranges = 3 clementines or satsumas. When a recipe calls for orange, it almost always means navel oranges unless specifically stated otherwise.


A small group of people cannot eat any oranges at all, however this iseems to be related more to a citric acid intolerance rather than cinnamon & benzoate intolerance – if you also react to things like lemon, lime, grapefruit, pomegranate, several types of beans, garlic, or other things in the alarmingly high or very high categories on this list,  alongside all the usual culprits that are avoided, then you might have citric acid intolerance alongside C&B intolerance. If you’re in this category you might want to speak to your specialist about getting confirmation.

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