Truffles (non-dairy)

A variation on the original truffle recipe (Truffles), this recipe has been devised to enable anyone who is dairy intolerant as well as benzoate intolerant the chance to enjoy a chocolaty treat.


160g Oat-based non-dairy cream alternative (see Oatly)
20g cornflour
200g golden syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
100g dairy-free margarine (see Pure)
1 batch of home-made digestive biscuits, crumbled (see Digestive Biscuits – make sure you bake using appropriate margarine & milk alternatives)
5 tablespoons carob powder, plus more for dusting
Pinch salt

  1. Blend oatly cream with cornflour and mix well until no visible lumps of flour remain.
  2. In a large mixing bowl blend approximately half to two thirds of your well-crumbled biscuit crumbs with the carob powder and a pinch of salt, and leave to one side. Leave remaining biscuit crumbs in a separate basin nearby.
  3. Add oatly & cornflour mixture to a small pan along with syrup, vanilla and margarine. Warm over low heat until all has combined, the mixture starts to steam as if getting ready to boil, and it reaches the approximate consistency of runny custard.  *Important* do not allow to come to the boil as this can result in ingredients separating.
  4. When syrup/oatly mixture is well combined and has started to thicken, add to the biscuit/carob crumbs and beat to combine.  It should continue to thicken whilst beating.  As you beat the mixture, slowly add more of the biscuit crumbs, a tablespoonful at a time until the mixture becomes very thick, sticky and hard to stir.
  5. Leave mixture to cool for a few minutes whilst you arrange petit fours cases on a tray and put a little extra carob powder on a saucer.  Using your hands, roll the slightly warm mixture into small balls, roll in the carob powder, and place in a case. When complete, refrigerate until completely firm.

Makes around 50 truffles.


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