Green tomatoes

Just a short post to let readers know that despite the horrendous reactions I have to supermarket, cooked, canned and processed red tomatoes (in any form), I have successfully eaten home-grown green tomatoes without any reaction at all.

It’s known from other fruits ( red and white currants) that red colouring seems to be associated with higher levels of cinnamates especially, than a similar fruit that is another colour.  It may be just coincidence but I’m hoping that eating slightly under-ripe, green fruit, fresh from the vine, will remain safe and will enable me to introduce tomatoes back into my diet.

I would love to hear any similar stories from readers, about eating either under-ripe or  non-red tomatoes, or under-ripe/non-red versions of any other commonly reactive fruit, to investigate whether there is any justification in blaming either the ripening process or the red pigmentation.

If you’re going to experiment with foods yourself, please do it cautiously – don’t eat too much, make sure you’re somewhere safe, and have people around you who know what to do should your reaction be sudden and/or severe.


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