Basic sponge cake

A simple, basic sponge recipe, which can be adapted for different recipes or flavourings or enjoyed on it’s own either in a larger cake or as cupcakes

Ingredients – to be scaled up as necessary

2 ounces caster sugar

2 ounces butter

1 egg, beaten

2 to 4 ounces self raising flour (depending on how you like your texture, what flavourings you are using, etc.)

OPTIONAL extra flavourings – vanilla or almond essence, citrus rind and juice, fresh fruit, treacle, ginger, carob, nuts – use as desired

a little fruit juice, milk or water as necessary


1) cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy

2) add egg a little at a time and mix well

3) fold in flour gently.  If using dry extra flavourings, use less flour.  If using fruit juice, treacle, or something similar, use more.

4) add any extra flavourings, along with a drop of liquid as necessary, to ensure that mix becomes a smooth batter

5) spoon into cupcake cases or into a greased, lined cake tin of appropriate size.  Bake in a medium oven until a knife or skewer pressed into the centre of the cake(s) comes out clean.

6) cool on a wire rack before decorating or eating.




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2 Responses to Basic sponge cake

  1. Hi my mum has OFG, it’s her birthday on Sunday, so I’m going to give your sponge cake a go, is there anything I should avoid decorating it with?

    • Tiger says:

      basic icing sugar is okay, mixed with water or butter depending on if you want smooth icing or buttercream. Some vanilla extracts can have benzoates in so watch that you get a genuine vanilla extract and not just vanilla flavouring. I’d avoid using any jam at all unless you know for certain there is a variety that you mum can tolerate. Marzipan is usually okay as long as she’s not intolerant of nuts, and can be stuck onto the cake with honey or golden syrup. For decorations to dress up the cake once it’s iced, I’d go for plastic, paper or ceramic (inedible but food safe) ones and take them off before serving, rather than using any sort of sprinkles or sugarcraft. Hope this helps.

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