Snacks and salads

Before I discovered the reason for all my mouth and digestive problems, most of my snack and salad choices were things that are forbidden on a benzoate-free diet. But there are alternatives!

I have found that the following snacks or accompaniments are normally okay:
Olives in brine
White Cheddar, Cheshire and Wensleydale cheeses
Plain cream cheese
Plain or salted oat cakes
Salted pretzels
Salted or cinema style sweet popcorn
Prawn crackers
Hard boiled eggs
Plain yoghurt with sugar and/or permitted fruit
Plain, ready salted or salt and vinegar crisps
Raw, plain roasted or salted nuts
Mcvities digestive biscuits
Plain shortbread
Plain cooked meats (roasted yourself at home is safest)

Salad stuff can be a little trickier as some people are more sensitive to certain foods than others, however I have found that I can generally tolerate the following:
Iceberg or little gem or other green hearted lettuces
Loose leaf or grow-your-own red or purple lettuce leaves (sticking with red/purple colours avoids any risk of getting spinach or rocket in your salad)
Onion (any type)
Sweet pepper

There aren’t any pre-prepared salad dressings I have found yet that I am happy to attempt to eat, however some of the following may work if you prefer a dressed salad:
Mayonaise (check ingredients carefully)
Salad cream (again, you need to check the ingredients)
most oils
Vinegar (however some people struggle to tolerate vinegars)
Lemon juice (as long as you are not also citric-acid sensitive)
Salt & pepper
Permitted fresh herbs, e.g. chives, basil


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