Herbal infusions, teas & tisanes

So many ingredients on herbal infusions, teas and tisanes do not feature on any of the diet lists. Do you know if hibiscus flowers are safe? No, neither do I!

The list below shows herbal teas and tea ingredients that I am *reasonably* certain are safe for the vast majority of OFG sufferers. If you can add to this list and confirm the safety of other common herbal tea ingredients please let me know!

Mint (any variety)
(*these three may be reactants in some people)

A word of warning: some teas use Aloe Vera as an ingredient. I have tried several things containing Aloe Vera (including hand cream) and have reacted terribly to it.  I later discovered that Aloe Vera is a natural source of cinnamate compounds, so it is worth avoiding unless you already use it on a daily basis without difficulty.

Another word of warning: the classic ‘tea’ bush has to be avoided in all its forms. These include black tea (including decaf), green tea and white tea.


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