In the spirit of pancake day AKA Shrove Tuesday, here’s my take on the classic.  Note these are British-style, ‘crepe’ pancakes, NOT the American style ones.

100g plain flour
2 eggs
200ml milk (or more if you like your pancakes a little more delicate)
oil for frying


1) mix flour, eggs and milk together into a smooth batter

2) get a non-stick frying pan very hot, and add a tiny drop of oil

3) pour just enough batter mix into the frying pan to cover the bottom. Give it a couple of minutes to sizzle and brown, then free the sides with a spatula and toss the pancake over to cook on the other side.

4) serve!

Suggested ‘safe’ toppings:

vanilla, toffee or nutty ice cream

thick whipped cream and sugar

lemon juice* and sugar

apple puree*

maple or golden syrup

fresh pineapple or pear

*some people may not be able to tolerate these

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dreamer. writer. thinker. sometimes all three at once.
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