Yorkshire puddings

Makes 18-24 mini Yorkshire puddings when cooked in cupcake trays.  This recipe also has the added benefit of being dairy free.

70g plain flour

2 eggs

100ml rice milk

Pinch salt

Fat or oil for cooking

  1. Combine all ingredients and whisk well
  2. Leave to one side for at least 1 hour prior to cooking
  3. Heat up fat or oil in cooking dish/trays until very hot and bubbling/smoking.
  4. As quickly as possible, spoon batter mix into cooking dish/trays and return them to the centre of a hot oven (200 degrees)
  5. DO NOT PEEK TOO EARLY! If you do, your Yorkshire puddings will sink and go flat and squidgy.  A glass-fronted oven is ideal to check your Yorkshires, but if not, leave for at least 15 minutes before opening the door and checking.  They may take up to 10 more minutes to cook through.

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