Fancy ways to cook Christmas vegetables

Parsnips – try roasting rather than boiling.  Use butter and honey to give a delicious sticky, sweet finish.  If you can’t tolerate honey, try some brown sugar instead.

Carrots – if you can tolerate orange, try adding a little bit of orange juice or zest to water either when boiling or steaming, and then, when cooked, tossing them with butter and a little more orange zest.  This would also work with a tiny amount of lemon juice and rind but not too much or else they’ll be too sharp!

Red cabbage – try braising shredded cabbage slowly in an oven proof dish along with some sliced apple, balsamic vinegar (if you can tolerate it) or cider if you can’t, and some brown sugar.  A hard eating pear may work instead of apple, but use a little less sugar as pears are quite sweet.

Sprouts – steam sprouts together with tinned chestnuts.  Either serve as they are or try crisping some smoked bacon in olive oil and pouring over the spout/chestnut mix just before serving.

Kale – try shredding it, steaming until it’s just cooked and then frying in a large pan with sunflower oil and bacon, or for a vegetarian version, use salted cashew nuts instead.

Sprout tops – if you can get them from a local market or allotment or grower, the green tops from the top of the sprout plant are absolutely delicious – sweet like the best baby sprouts but without the bitterness that puts a lot of people off.  Just clean, halve, and steam gently.  Unfortunately these aren’t sold by the main supermarkets which is a shame as they are my favourite vegetable!

Chestnuts – if you don’t want to serve them with sprouts, try chopping tinned chestnuts and adding chopped mixed nuts, herbs, salt and pepper and fried onions, before baking in an oven proof dish until hot.  This would be a good protein-rich side dish for someone who doesn’t like turkey

Squash – if you can tolerate it (some people cannot), squash is delicious when peeled and de-seeded, cut into large chunks and roasted in hot oil along with your spuds.  You can also cook sweet potato chunks in the same way.


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