1 lb plain flour
1 x 7g sachet easy bread yeast
1 tbsp caster sugar
1 medium egg
milk as per directions below (either ordinary dairy or rice or oat)
oil for frying

1. mix flour, yeast and sugar in a bowl
2. beat egg in a measuring jug and add your chosen milk or milk substitute to the egg so as to make it up to 18 fluid ounces
3. add milk to flour and beat well using a whisk until smooth
4. leave in a warm place for a couple of hours until the mixture has risen slightly and is full of bubbles
5. heat sufficient oil in a pan – the oil needs to be a minimum of about 5 centimetres deep
6. when oil is very hot and bubbling, add spoonfuls of mixture carefully. they will bubble and start to brown immediately.
7. after a minute or two, flip over to cook the other side, and when cooked, take out of the fat and drain on some kitchen paper
8. sprinkle with sugar and enjoy


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