A ketchup alternative made using courgettes.

This makes somewhere between 2 and 3 pints of sauce so ensure in advance you have enough jars with vinegar-proof lids to store it in

3kg courgettes or marrows
2 tbsp salt
200ml balsamic vinegar
200ml malt vinegar
200ml red wine
225g brown (molasses) sugar

1. chop the courgettes and put in a large preserving pan with the salt, vinegars and wine and simmer until they are soft and pulpy.
2. rub the mixture through a fine sieve and return the liquid to a clean pan, discarding any tough bits of skin, stringy sections, marrow seeds etc.
3. stir in the sugar, bring to the boil and simmer until it starts to thicken. This step can take a while!
4. take sufficient spotlessly clean jars to hold all your ketchup and sterilise them either by boiling or by heating them in your oven. At the same time, place the metal jar lids in a pan and bring to the boil in order to clean them. Leave the lids under water after boiling.
5. when the sauce is sufficiently thick for your liking, take your hot jars (they must be hot or else the sauce will crack them!) and fill carefully with the sauce, leaving a small headspace.
6. Place the jars back in your oven at about 90 degrees celsius for about 30 minutes, then take out of the oven and seal immediately.
7. label when cold. This sauce should keep for several months if the jars and lids are properly sterile and vinegar-proof (i.e. they have a plastic or rubber seal rather than plain metal). Ensure any open or unsealed jars are kept in the fridge.


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