“Chocolate” alternative

(makes 3 hens-egg sized solid ‘chocolate’ eggs, using a mould purchased from a local hobby shop, or around 12 ping-pong ball sized Christmas tree chocolates)

6 Nestle Caramac bars
3 teaspoons (approx) carob powder
3 teaspoons butter

1) melt caramac bars in a heat proof bowl over a pan of simmering water
2) add butter and stir in until it is also melted
3) add carob slowly and stir – it will get rather solid so keep stirring and add it slowly
4) stir into moulds, flatten, and leave in the fridge to set
5) when solid, pop from moulds and put two halves together to make a solid egg shape, and wrap in foil

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dreamer. writer. thinker. sometimes all three at once.
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